Meal service at CDCSA programs is served family style (children sit at tables and pass food and serve themselves- with the guidance of adults). Our food menus follow USDA amounts and guidelines. Depending on the model and time of your child’s program, your child will be served:

Part day programs

AM: Breakfast & lunch or
PM: Lunch & afternoon snack

Full day programs

Breakfast, lunch & an afternoon snack.

In accordance with the Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP), only food prepared and served at our school is served to children. No outside food or food brought from home may be served. We do not force children to eat, but encourage and role model healthy eating habits with children. If your child has any special dietary considerations or food allergies, please let our staff know so that we can work with your family to meet your child’s needs.

Mealtime Fun

Hey Parents!           

Children love helping mom and dad in the kitchen, yet sometimes the job might be too much for the little ones to handle and you just don’t have that much time to prepare. The hassles of making sure kids are ready, laundry is done, homework is done, and dinner is done can be overwhelming... However, there is a solution! By clicking on Recipes for Healthy Kids, we will take simple ingredients and combine them to create an awesome meal that is kid friendly and quick in time! Down below you will find helpful hints that allow you to safely and easily include you young ones in the preparation of Meal Time Fun!

Practice good hygiene.

Make sure kids always wash their hands before cooking. Also have them help clean the kitchen before preparing any food!

Give your kids simple jobs

Give your kids simple jobs that you feel comfortable giving them and that they can do on their own. Example: Washing veggies in cold water, husking corn, sprinkling cheese on pizza or salad.

Let kids taste test

Let kids taste test safe foods. Example: Sautéed veggies, noodles, fresh veggies, bread, and cooked pasta sauce. (Nothing undercooked, raw meat, eggs, or sauce!)

Kid's Cooking Area

Give them their own cooking area in a safe location (away from stove and knives). This allows them to feel independent and keeps them out of the way if you are trying to get things done fast.

Ask them what they think!

Kids love giving input on what they think and like! Choosing food also gives them a sense of independence.

Kids are messy!

Choose meals that are an easy clean up. Examples: Salad, Tacos, Sandwiches