Enrolling year round!

Our enrollment process:

  • Call 663-5179 to speak with a Family Advocate who can take your information and help you fill out an initial information form. If a Family Advocate is not available, we will return your call.

  • A Family Advocate will determine if your family qualifies for our program (see qualification factors below). Don’t hesitate to call…you may qualify.

  • You will then get a phone call to come in and fill out the complete application (see documents needed).

  • Once application is complete you will be placed on a waitlist (we recruit and fill openings throughout the year). Families with highest needs will be first priority.

  • We will contact you as openings occur.


Selection Criteria in Head Start/ Early Head Start/ ECEAP

Selection Criteria is based on a screening that assesses the needs of the family. The following factors are taken into consideration:

  • Limited income (income eligibility)

  • Children in Foster Care

  • Homelessness

  • Teen parents

  • Limited parent education

  • Children with disabilities

  • Children with development delays

  • Needing affordable childcare & meeting income eligibility

Please speak with a family worker who can best assess eligibility for your family. You may qualify!

Documentation that is needed when enrolling your child in Head Start/ Early Head Start/ECEAP

  • Birth Certificate

  • Verification of income
    (TANF, tax records, child support, financial aid, SSI, unemployment and any other income)

  • Medical insurance

  • Childs Immunization Card

  • Copy of most current Well Child Exam

  • Copy of most current Dental Exam

If you have any question please call 663-5179

Documentación que necesita para inscribir a su hijo/a.

  • Acta de nacimiento

  • Verificación de ingreso
    (TANF, copias de los impuestos, documentación de manutención para los hijos, ayuda financiera para la escuela, Ingreso suplementario del seguro, verificación de desempleo o cualquier otro tipo de ingreso)

  • Prueba de seguro medico

  • Tarjeta de vacunas del niño/a

  • Copia del examen físico más reciente

  • Copia del examen dental más reciente

Resultado de prueba de plomo Si tiene alguna pregunta favor de llamar al 509-663-5179